Thursday, October 23, 2008

I had a question posed to me...

regarding a youtube video that I posted...The question:

was there any editing to the powell video?

The answer:

Not at my hand...I do not edit the videos that I post, other then adding annotations. I believe I downloaded this video from or I try to present information that is factual, like all information presented, I always recommend that you do your own independent research. Try to see all sides of the story and hopefully the indisputable truth will reveal itself. Thanks for asking.

I try and post videos that are pertinent to the cause of Liberty. We are living in historic times. Many believe that the sovereignty of our nation is at stake, like at no other time in history. Since the dawn of time, man has yearned to be free. And just as long, there have been opposing forces trying to control, confine, and enslave man and his desires. We are born needy, but develop and mature with that innate desire to be free, and to operate within the limits of our own free will. Society and governments put constraints on the exercise of free will. In a Republic, as our government was designed to be, it is the rule of law based on an agreed moral code, that governs society. It is that rule of law, that is designed not to grant rights to the individual, but to protect the individual's rights granted by our creator, whatever or whomever you believe that to be. I tell everyone I can, to read the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and Bill of Rights. Then read the Communist Manifesto. Decide which system of beliefs, and form of government closely resembles our current government and society, and which one you chose to support. Then do so.

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