Saturday, October 4, 2008

There are those who think its fine...

There are those who think its fine...
  • to give our hard earned money to the international bankers.
  • to spill blood of our brothers and sisters, as the Price of war.
  • to wage war on people, where sovereign nations once stood.
  • to entitle the idleness of others, with the fruits of our labor.
  • to deny what is theirs, to those who fight for "country".
  • to use fear mongering and lies, to achieve their goals.
  • to treat people in war, like they are pawns in chess.
  • to finance both sides of war, then send us the bill.
  • to let criminals have the keys to the Treasury.
  • to tax us on our ability to dream and create.
  • to use propaganda to shape and control us.
  • to have their children raised by the state.
  • to create money and credit from nothing.
  • to work half their life, to feed the state.
  • to produce nothing, but command all.
  • to give up all privacy for protection.
  • to sacrifice freedom, for security.
  • to pledge allegiance to a flag.
  • to sell their souls for wealth.
  • to lose their sovereignty.
  • have blinders on.
  • to be a slave.
Although there are those who think its fine...I do not, not for me and mine...nor for you, or your children too. I yearn to live in a world that's free. I dream of it, so it shall be...

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